Small business owners have a variety of options when it comes to social media marketing to grow their business or promote a product. Because social media marketing is another set of tools in the marketing toolbox, oftentimes, business leaders are unfamiliar with how to use social media. As a result, many small businesses follow one of three actions: Do nothing out of confusion, delegate the responsibility to an intern or someone “younger,”  or establish social media presence on every social channel hoping “something” will stick.

amanda-t-bizchat-ohioWhere should the small business owner start? According to Amanda Todorovich, Senior Director of Content for the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio:   “It really starts with where are your customers now. What are they doing? Understanding which channels your customers are actively using to make business decisions or look for information, is crucial.  For most, that tends to start with Google, not with social media. A lot of social media use is personal and you have to take a look at what business you are in, what makes sense, feels natural and relevant for you to be part of that conversation.”

The pressure is off! Because not every social media platform is necessarily the right platform for your business.

“If your customers are constantly going to Google for solutions or if they try to problem-solve for themselves and their businesses, how can you be there? How can you help your customers? So you have to think about content and your own website. Or, if you are in a business where consulting or networking is critical, LinkedIn might be a better platform for you,” she added.

Social media marketing requires the same thought, care, and attention as a business plan. It is more than posting photos or this weeks sale.

The plan should include at minimum, your target market, a content calendar focusing on quality posts, and metrics to track engagement and performance because customers are not visiting social media channels to be ‘sold.’ And, for small business owners, this is where it goes right back to helping your customers solve their problems through the service you provide or the product you make. Learn more. Listen to Amanda Todorvich on the Biz Chat Ohio podcast as she provides tips and insights to help you understand social media marketing for your small business.

Amanda Todorovich, Senior Director of Content at the Cleveland Clinic, has grown the Cleveland Clinic’s digital marketing team from three people and soon to be 80 people. She’s an award winning marketing expert passionate about building audiences by creating amazing content that is useful, helpful, and relevant to customers.

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