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Our team works hard to bring our audience excellent content. Or form below helps us get to know you and engage with you in the best manner possible. Our 1/2 hour podcasts go by very quickly so we want to hit your best points.

Please note: Audio quality

We highly prefer that our guests utilize at least ear buds (if not a head set) rather than your laptop built in mic to reduce echo. Also, please try to record in a small, carpeted room — this will greatly reduce echo.

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Guest Application

Hi. Please help us get to know you and your most pertinent expertise for our podcast.
  • THIS IS THE "HOOK". The audience wants to know quickly "Why would I want to listen to this person?" What have you overcome/achieved that our audience would learn from?
  • (What questions do you want us to ask you?)
  • What is your magic expert ability?
  • Note: sharing your personal story of struggle humanizes you to the audience and they will embrace your journey overcoming these obstacles.
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