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Podcast 1.6: Workplace stress with Anna Tyrrell

Summary: Stress, and more so, stress at the workplace, has certainly been compounded over the past 15 months with Covid – a lot of people were and many still are feeling foggy. There have been a variety of workplace adjustments and while it may seem like we’ve...

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Podcast 1.3: Minimizing Fraud Risks with Frank Suponcic

Summary: Guest, Frank Suponcic of Marcum LLC’s valuation, forensic and litigation services group, concentrates on fraud and embezzlement. Frank has investigated and managed multi-million dollar forensic engagements. He helps businesses investigate payroll, cash...

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Podcast 1.2: Amanda Todorovich

Summary: Guest, Amanda Todorovich, Senior Director of Content at the Cleveland Clinic, has grown the Cleveland Clinic's digital marketing team from three people and soon to be 80 people. She's an award winning marketing expert passionate about building audiences by...

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Podcast 1.1: Neil Singh

Summary: Listen, as Neil Singh, Director of business development and technology at TeamNeo, talks to us about how TeamNEO helps small and mid-sized businesses in NE Ohio grow and what it takes to qualify for their assistance. Neil shares ways business owners/managers...

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Biz Chat Ohio articles

How to Grow Your Team to Grow Your Sales

Ask any business owner what their goal for the year is and many will respond with “grow sales.” And as an owner, the pressure to motivate a sales team or your business developer can seem like a herculean task. Consequently, the owner ends up bearing the weight of...

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I Own the Company and Hate My Job!

"I hate my job.  It wouldn't be like this if only I owned the company!" For many employees, the thought of leaving their day job "working for the man" includes visions of everyday happiness and nights of sound sleep. Oftentimes, the idea of company ownership also...

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What a Small Business Owner Should Know About Cloud Computing

In the cloud. Cloud storage. Cloud computing. For many of today’s small business owners, hearing the word “cloud” means shifting the visual from meteorology to technology. What should a small business owner know about cloud computing? Cloud computing is here and...

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Workplace Stress: Signs, symptoms, and strategies

From job stability and downsizing, to the pressures from a new boss, short deadlines, and unrealistic demands, today’s workers are stressed. Workplace stress not only includes mental stress, but also physical stress—noise, crowded workstations, no privacy or being...

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Starting a Business: Top tips to help you succeed

Starting a business is exciting. Some businesses began with a simple idea on the back of a napkin, in a garage, or an ah-ha moment in the middle of the night. We’ve heard about the cocktail napkin idea that later became Southwest Airlines and the garage-start stories...

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Using Social Media for Small Business

Small business owners have a variety of options when it comes to social media marketing to grow their business or promote a product. Because social media marketing is another set of tools in the marketing toolbox, oftentimes, business leaders are unfamiliar with how...

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Discovering New Opportunities to Grow Your Business

For some business owners, while the idea to grow their business is attractive, myths surrounding how to grow the business can be stifling. Growing a business requires a different plan than starting a business. According to Neil Singh, one of the top thought leaders in...

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